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Chill on Park: New Ice Cream in Dorchester —

By Mehgan Malloy
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We skipped right through spring, and lately it has felt like summer is in full effect. I will take it! I  wouldn’t mind summer three seasons of the year, to be honest. Just in time for summer, Dorchester has a new ice cream spot, and we were delighted to attend the opening party last week.

Chill on Park is in the Fields Corner neighborhood of Dorchester, near Dorchester Ave and the baseball fields there. It’s a busy area and the perfect spot for an ice cream and coffee shop.

The space is really beautiful, modern, bright, and peaceful. It’s well designed and offers free WiFi so would be a great place for a meeting or remote work.

They offer a variety of different ice cream flavors, shakes, ice cream pies, and other treats. The salted caramel moose tracks was my favorite ice cream, but there are many more I want to try. Everything here is local, from the staff, hired through local groups like the Boys & Girls Club, to the ice cream, which comes from Puritan Ice Cream in Roslindale. I love Dorchester, so when I see people investing in businesses and kids in the neighborhood, I am always happy to support.

One of the perks of the opening party were adult milkshakes, which won’t be served regularly. They were delicious though, and they gave me ideas for making similar treats at home. I had the Irish milkshake, and it was outstanding.

The Cookies & Cream was good too!

The party also featured a cake made by one of our favorites, Green Hills, another Dorchester business, and cookies made by Haley House. How great would it be if all businesses in our area leaned on one another with such support?

Chill on Park is the perfect place to go to fix that sweet summer ice cream craving while helping to build a business that is in turn striving to be something bigger in the community. I wouldn’t hesitate to visit again, especially when nieces and nephews are visiting. I am also looking forward to Chill on Park’s coffee.

I was invited to this event as a guest and treats were complimentary. All opinions are my own.



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