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About Chill on Park

Alan and Wendy Issokson, longstanding and respected members of the community, have a vision for CHILL ON PARK to become part of the fabric of Fields Corner. Alan Issokson, whose family ties to Dorchester date back more than 100 years, owns and operates the insurance and real estate company located around the corner. When a space became available in the same building, Wendy and Alan jumped at the chance to open an ice cream and coffee shop.
The atmosphere Wendy and Alan have created at Chill on Park makes it a place to have fun and be lively as well as a place to go when you need a break and to relax. The shop’s large space has lots of windows and natural light, a sparkling counter that showcases the ice cream, colorful chalkboards that describe the flavors and treats, and comfortable and casual seating for 19. Making their place even more special is the inclusion of an entire wall where art made by local kids is sometimes showcased. The vibe is friendly and easy, with a warm neighborly hospitality.

The ice cream, coffee, espresso, tea and bakery items served at Chill on Park are all sourced locally. The 32 flavors of ice cream they sell is made by Puritan Ice Cream in Roslindale; the coffee is roasted in Sudbury by Karma Coffee; the tea is from MEM Watertown; the bakery items – cookies, chocolate brownies, muffins and pecan squares – are all baked with love at Haley House Bakery Café in Roxbury; and the coffee cake, which is certified Kosher, is baked in Hyde Park by My Grandma’s New England Coffee Cake. We also carry pints of vanilla and chocolate FoMu as a vegan friendly, dairy, soy and gluten free option. Each item was hand-selected, and taste-tested by Wendy. Her never-ending search to source local ingredients is just one of the many things that makes Chill on Park different.
One other thing that sets Chill on Park apart is the employees. It was very important to Wendy and Alan to hire from within the local community. Many of the staff come from The Boys and Girls Club of Dorchester and the Louis Brown Peace Institute, also in Dorchester. Ice Cream is an all-American tradition, we all have fond memories of the ice cream cones of our youth, and Chill on Park hopes to build happy memories for the kids in the neighborhood who work behind the counter, and the ones who stop in for a cone or a cup with their families.
The Issokson family roots and commitment to Fields Corner run deep. Their goal is for Chill on Park to provide a safe, cozy spot for their neighbors, friends and business associates to come together to celebrate, meet and make lasting memories. The greatest reward for their efforts is looking around their shop at all of the smiling faces. As they like to say, “Ice Cream just makes people happy.”
Charities We Support

Our Change for Charity program is one of the many ways Chill on Park gives back to and engages with the community. During the year, we select local organizations, nonprofit groups, and events to promote and support. We encourage our patrons to join us in supporting these worthy organizations by donating their spare change in a jar we keep at our register. We then pass these donations, along with our own to the designated group.

Chill on Park loves supporting local groups and causes. We concentrate most of our donations for children and education. We’re happy to donate product for your event or fundraiser, but can only make a limited number of donations each month. If you would like to be considered for a donation, please fill out the request form and submit. We will review your request as soon as possible.

Raising money for a marathon, school sports team, or other cause or event? We also make our space available for fundraisers. Invite your family, friends, neighbors and coworkers to Chill on Park at a specific day/time* and we’ll donate 15% of all sales during that time to your cause! Interested? To schedule your fundraiser, email chillinfo@chillonpark.com.

*We try to be flexible, but may need to restrict our fundraisers to specific days and times.

Chill on Park Change for Charity

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    Some of the charities that Chill on Park has supported include the following organizations: