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Photo of a student's wall in their dorm room

Setting your kids up for success with homework


We want our kids to thrive in school, right? Getting their homework done with less hassle, less stress and everything to help them succeed is one important way to do that. Here are some helpful tips for creating the perfect space for them to complete their homework at home with the prefect space to do it in. Creating this space can be a project you work on together. They can pick out what they need in their space, what will be helpful for them, and even help make the DIY storage with you.


When considering location, it is best if every child has their own space to get their homework done. The main thing is to make sure they have adequate space, separate from on the floor or in their bed. An alternative to having a desk is creating a tote or cart that can be taken out when it’s homework time and placed at their work station (such as the kitchen table).

Photo of a child's homework station Photo of a student's organized wall and shelf stationPhoto of a homework station in a small closet

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Key things for a great space:

-Good source of lighting to avoid eye strain

-A place that is quiet and doesn’t have a lot of distractions (TV, phone, people)

-A flat hard surface where they can spread out their books, papers and other supplies

-A place for posting important reminders/info (bulletin board, tack board, dry erase)

Other things to consider:

-Place for easy access to their backpack

-Access to a computer and printer (Whether at home or at the library)


Storage/Paper Management

It’s helpful to have storage for the necessary supplies and organization for their paper work. Having their supplies organized and accessible will help with the efficiency of their completion of homework.

 Photo of a student's organized command station on wallPhoto of an organized work station in a school classroom

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Some storage options:

-See-through plastic bins they can stack with easy visibility of what’s inside

-A file drawer or filing bin

-In/Out paper trays for things that need to be signed

Supplies/Reference Materials

Having easy access to all the supplies they need will cut down time looking for said items. If you can, you should have a second set of the essential supplies they would need for home, so they don’t have to transport them back and forth – or leave them behind.

Photo of a turntable homework stationPhoto of a child's school folder

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Helpful supplies:

-Writing and drawing instruments (pencils, markers, pens, eraser)

-Paper (lined, printer paper, art paper, graph paper)

-Math supplies (calculator, protractor, ruler)

-Other supplies (scissors, tape, glue, paper clips, pencil sharpener, three-hole punch)


Reference Materials can reduce stress when fact finding, or double checking your work. If they have access to the needed materials, they won’t have to go looking for them while in the middle of their work.

Some great reference materials:



-Fact sheets



It’s important to keep track of deadlines, due dates and important milestones. You can supply a calendar, a chart, or even a clock so they can keep track of these things. This will help you too!

Photo of a colorful after school clockPhoto of a student's wall in their dorm room

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Some helpful things for this:

-An assignment book that goes to school and comes home every day (agenda, planner, etc.).

-Posted schedules for upcoming sports, activities, field trips, events, etc.

-A dry-erase white board highlighting all reminders and assignments.


School Resources Binder

Photo of a uniform policy in a binder

Another great idea is to have a school resources binder, which can be at hand and a time-saver for everyone in the house when looking for important information.

This binder would hold things such as any handouts, dress codes, academic calendar and more!

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When setting all of this up for or with your kid(s), you can base it around your own child’s needs, your space available, and budget.

A great way to save money and recycle is to use materials you already have at home and re-purpose them into an organizing system. You can collect paper towel and toilet paper rolls, jars, cereal boxes and more. Once you have enough you can paint them (or have your kids paint them) for a fun craft.


A Couple Places Outside of the House

Chill on Park can be a great place to meet with friends to work on a project or do research on your next writing assignment! We have free WiFi, ice cream, coffee, and a pleasant atmosphere for all of your homework needs.

Boston Public Library branches can be a great place with tons of resources for your kids to study. They will have access to tables, computers, dictionaries, tutoring and more. For a list of locations click here.


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